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If you live in the Rochester Hills area or the northern outskirts of Detroit, you've picked the perfect site to find a veterinarian in Rochester Hills. Our Veterinary Care Rochester Hills center treats many types of domesticated animals and pets. We understand how important your dog or cat is to you and we take every step possible to provide exceptional care for your animal. 

Our Commitment 

It's our commitment to provide the best high-quality care throughout all of the stages of the life of your cat or dog. Our veterinarian Rochester Hills MI center is designed to help assist you with a schedule of routine preventative care for your pet. Whether you have a young animal or older dog or cat, early detection of an underlying disease is always best. We have the expertise to treat pets that are in early, mid or late stages of life, and we're prepared to provide complete veterinary medical care as it is necessary during the lifetime of your pet. 

Providing All Types of Care 

Our Rochester Hills veterinarian center is an animal hospital that provides care for many types of pets. We understand that sometimes your little friend will get into trouble and need to be cared for fast. We handle emergency cases and also have expertise in common dental, surgical and medical techniques that your pet may require. 

Your pet plays a special role in your life. Bayne Mobile Veterinary Services is committed to becoming the service provider who looks after the health of your pet. We will always treat your pet as if it were our own. Our top goal is to practice compassionate, high-quality medical treatment when necessary. We also believe in educating our clients so that you understand all of the facets that are involved in the care of your pet. 

Relax in Our Comfortable Environment 

Our Rochester Hills veterinary specialists have experience dealing with all types of treatments and conditions. We take pride in our ability to offer first-rate pet care, and we also feel that you'll enjoy our comfortable, calm environment, which is your own home! There is little wait time as we come right to your door! 

Our Resources 

We have a number of resources that may help you learn more about caring for your pet. Be sure to browse around and look at our articles. You'll find handy tips on subjects such as the benefits of pet massage or how to help your cat get more exercise. While visiting our Rochester Hills animal services center is an excellent way to make sure that your pet stays healthy, it's also important that you continue with ongoing care in your home. Often, the best veterinary care for your animal is an ongoing schedule of proper nutrition, which will help prevent problems in the future. 

If you're looking for a veterinarian clinic near me and you live in the city of Rochester Hills, we know that you will appreciate the caring attitude of our Rochester Hills veterinary specialists.

At Bayne Mobile Veterinary Services, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

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